Cornell Outlines Future Plans For Target

Brian Cornell, CEO of Target Corp, said that the retailer will be honing its focus on a handful of departments to better engage shoppers, bring them back to stores, and better compete with online rivals, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

“We’ve got to major in these signature categories and make some bold changes to re-energize those businesses,” Cornell said in the interview. “All categories can’t be prioritized the same.”

The areas that will get extra attention, investment and pressure are baby products, children’s products, “design and style” categories like fashion and furniture, and wellness products like organic food and natural cleaning products. 

With the new strategy, Target is laying more responsibility on suppliers to be “on trend” and find products that will give Target an edge, the article said.

Target’s marketing will also play a role in the new initiatives. According to Target CMO Jeffrey Jones, the retailer’s message had gotten “too diffused” in recent years.

Cornell is expected to add more depth to the strategy today during the company’s annual employee meeting in Minnesota. According to Cornell, the company isn’t exiting any major categories.

“Those other categories have important roles to play, and category by category, that has to be defined,” Mr. Cornell said.