CPSC Announces Official Coravin Recall

After announcing that the company had become aware that the use of the Coravin System on a wine bottle that has been damaged or is flawed can cause the bottle to break, Coravin released a statement today stating that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a Recall to Repair. 

Consumers will not have to physically return the Coravin system, and will instead be sent a remedy kit which includes a neoprene Coravin Wine Bottle Sleeve, a warning label to be placed on the Coravin System, and a revised set of warnings and instructions. 

The company noted that it had received 13 reports of wine bottles breaking, including four in which the bottles cracked and leaked, eight in which the bottles broke in two pieces, and one in which the bottle burst into four pieces, resulting in injury. 

Upon discovering the potential hazard, the company voluntarily reported the breakage incidents to the CPSC at the end of May. 

The Coravin System will begin to ship again in mid-July, the company reported, after it supplies all of its customers with Remedy Kits. All future shipments will come standard with a bottle sleeve, a capsule cup safety label and up-to-date warnings and instructions.