CTA Develops Smart Home Security Checklist

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has created the Connected Home Security Checklist Tool, an Internet-connected device security checklist for installers of smart home technology.

The tool, based on the CTA’s Device Security Best Practices white paper, details security protocols for installing and configuring products to help protect consumers and their smart home devices from unwanted malware or hackers.

The tool is mobile-friendly and ideal for job sites, the CTA said, offering installers a quick reference of industry practices for topics including passwords, networks, modems and routers, VPNs and Z-Wave/ZigBee. To ensure consumers are well informed about the work completed in their homes by professionals, the tool also e-mails customers a comprehensive assessment of the security steps performed, as well as recommendations. It is currently only available to CTA members.

“As more consumers understand how consumer technology is changing our lives for the better and our homes become increasingly more connected and complex, our industry will see a wave of business,” said Dan Fulmer, CTA TechHome board member and one of the developers of the best practices. “We are enthusiastic and ready for this remarkable opportunity, but we recognize that trust is at the heart of the smart home business and to succeed we need to equip experienced installers with the latest best practices to grow their businesses and provide consumers with the peace of mind they want.”