CTA Forum Explores Connected Home And Health

With innovation in smart home and connected health on the rise, the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) 2016 Technology & Standards Spring Forum, held April 5 through April 7, included sessions devoted to these trending topics.

“CTA’s Technology & Standards forums draw some of the consumer technology industry’s best and brightest innovators to network, learn and collaborate,” said Dave Wilson, vp/technology and standards, CTA. “Our forum brings these experts together to identify opportunities and address challenges to help expand markets for a wide variety of consumer technologies, including health and fitness wearables, consumer audio, video, IoT, networking technology, energy efficiency and, of course, drones. Our forum truly covers the ever-expanding breadth of our industry.”

Among the highlights of CTA’s spring forum that focused on connected health were sessions like “Healthcare Concerns and Challenges with Patient-Generated Health Data in Clinical Practice,” which focused on the health care industry’s adoption of consumer health technology and its search for evidence that consumer technology yields improved patient outcomes or reduces health care costs.

Sessions also included “Next Evolution of Health-Focused Hot Products,” a keynote address where a panel of CTA members discussed and demonstrated the latest hot products that help consumer’s track health and fitness. “Human Optimization, Biosensors and Human Performance Analytics,” focused on the capabilities, challenges and limitations of biosensors that are used to measure health and fitness.

Sessions that focused on the smart home included “CTA Market Research Update: Home is Where Innovation Lives,” where the association presented research on U.S. technology ownership with a focus on TV/video and smart home technologies.