Cubikook Launches Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Cubikook recently launched the Chef’s Sharpener (CS-T01) manual knife sharpener. The company said the sharpener comes with diamond dust rods for burr removal, tungsten blades for edge regeneration and ceramic rods for fine honing.

The 3-stage sharpening device is designed to realign, sharpen and polish knife blades, making them safer and more efficient for cutting purposes, according to the company. It comes with a stainless steel cover that is resistant against heat, scratches, and grease, said the company.

The new sharpener can be hung on a wall or rack and sharpens chef’s knives, santoku, utility knives, fruit knives, cleavers, and non-serrated pocket and hunting knives.

The handheld knife sharpener also comes with a slip-resistant base for extra safety and efficiency.