Curious Chef, Handstand Kids Partner To Teach Kids To Cook

Curious Chef has announced a collaboration effort with The Handstand Kids Cookbook Company, a group that creates international cookbook kits to introduce children to the culture, language and cuisine of a new country.
“Working with Handstand Kids is a wonderful fit for our product line,” notes John Wilde, president of Curious Chef. “Together we will introduce kids to new foods and give them tools to work with mom and dad on the meal preparations.”
The Handstand Kids Cookbooks explore the recipes of a country while offering children an introduction to the country’s primary language. Handstand Kids’ current offering includes cookbooks for Chinese, Italian and Mexican cooking. Each of the ingredients and utensils are translated into the country’s language throughout the cookbook, and these translated words are used throughout the book to teach kids the language as they cook.
The partnership between Curious Chef and handstand Kids will continue to expand, and currently includes utilizing Curious Chef cooking tools in gift sets and kits along with Handstand Kids cookbooks and accessories.