CVS Debuts ‘Authentic’ Images In Beauty Aisles

CVS Pharmacy has given its beauty aisle a facelift as part of an initiative to offer point-of-purchase imagery that meets the retailer’s new standards for post-production alterations.

Started one year ago, the company said that nearly 70% of beauty imagery in CVS locations nationwide will be CVS Beauty Mark compliant. Company officials said the initiative was introduced as part of an effort to educate shoppers on the differences between authentic and digitally altered imagery.

“We want the millions of customers that visit CVS Pharmacy locations each day to see a more authentic and diverse representation of beauty,” said Kevin Hourican, president of CVS Pharmacy. “We applaud the brand partners that truly embraced this initiative and helped us in taking significant steps forward in our effort to change an industry standard that has an impact on the health and self-esteem of our mutual customers.”

Several leading cosmetic companies have partnered with CVS with its initiative. They include Neutrogena, Revlon, L’Oreal and Maybelline among others.