D Vein To Launch Lobster Deveiner Tool On Kickstarter

D Vein is launching a Kickstarter campaign for its Lobster Deveiner Tool.

Scott Mobley, the company’s founder, said that he developed the kitchen tool in order to devein lobster safely, quickly and efficiently. The tool is inserted halfway into a lobster via the tail. The barbed tool is then rotated and pulled out, removing the intestinal tract. The Lobster Deveiner Tool is said to work on both Maine and Spiny lobsters. It is made of FDA-approved food safe plastic and has a non-slip grip. It also comes with a tamper proof plastic cap.

D Vein will launch the product exclusively online via Kickstarter beginning July 1. It has a suggested retail price of $14.95 and is available in red, blue, pink, orange and green.

The company stated that 10% of D Vein’s net profit will be donated to organizations that help protect and keep oceans clean, including the 5 Gyres Institute, Oceanic Preservation Society and Oceana.