Dadam Brings Puripot Air Purifier To U.S. Market

Dadam Micro Inc., a Korean technology company, plans to officially bring its Puripot air purifiers to the U.S. for market expansion.

The eco-friendly air purifier uses visible light based PCO technology to remove harmful VOC gases, bad odors and fine dust without filters, offering a one-time purchase solution to customers with a modern, form-fitting design, the company said.

“Puripot is focused on providing the highest quality air through a modern, stylish purifier that can help kill 99% of harmful substances such as VOCs, viruses and bacterias of harmful substances,” said Iksoo Jun, Dadam Micro’s president and CEO.

With rapid sales growth and global market expansion, Puripot is available in over 15 countries. “Consumer consciousness about clean air is higher than ever with COVID-19. As CES 2021 takes place online, Puripot will attend as a digital exhibitor, where it will formally introduce its air purifiers to the U.S. consumer market,” said Jun.