Dallas Market Grows Gourmet Housewares Focus

A busy Dallas Market Center showcased a growing housewares and gourmet focus at the recent Dallas Total Home & Gift Market. 

During the past two years, housewares resources in Dallas have grown by more than 50%, the market said, including new and expanded corporate showrooms, rep rooms and a shared showroom space that debuted in January.

Overall, attendance at the June market was strong, suppliers said, as buyers geared up for the upcoming holiday selling season. With a flat first half, many retailers and suppliers told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® that they are optimistic about ending the year on a high note.

Several suppliers positioned market discounts and special housewares product bundles to appeal to buyers focused on mid-summer and end-of-year sales.

For example, Bodum featured three gift sets that include some of its best coffee and tea making tools, such as coffee grinders, electric tea kettles and French press coffee makers. The bundles represent a 25% value, said Diana Memedi, national sales manager, Bodum.

In addition, Bodum debuted a new iced coffee maker for the season, as well as a new color palette for its French press collection, which the company said it typically does for the second half of the year to help buyers freshen up merchandise. This year’s palette consists of jewel tones that the company stated will have a lasting appeal through the fall and winter months.

The Companion Group offered an assortment of barbecue tools and accessories geared towards retailers interested in bringing out more grilling tools to finish out the summer season as well as the gift season ahead. The company featured its Pizzeria Pronto outdoor pizza oven from its Pizza Craft line, along with a demo at the show.

“This is a great show to gain feedback from our customers about what has worked for them so far product-wise, and an opportunity to brainstorm new ideas moving forward,” said Joanne Cauteruccio, sales, The Companion Group.  

Attendees were also able to visit a mix of new housewares showrooms and previous exhibitors in a new location. Dexas, Coravin, Hammer Stahl, Wüsthof, Messermeister and other housewares vendors took up residence in shared showspace in Trade Mart 2535, or what the Dallas Market Center called the heart of the housewares neighborhood.