Davide Sereni, Luigi Bormioli & Bormioli Rocco

Luigi Bormioli Davide_SereniThe August 20 edition of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® revealed the 13th annual “Players,” people to watch in housewares during the next 12 months.

Selected by HomeWorld Business editors, the Players represent a cross section of a diverse housewares business— from established to newly installed company leaders; from large to small operations, from big-box to specialty retailers; from trade show managers to celebrity endorsers.

The HomeWorld Players are in the spotlight not only for how they might impact their respective organizations in the coming months, but also for how they might impact the overall housewares business.

Davide Sereni, Luigi Bormioli & Bormioli Rocco, Executive Vice President & General Manager

PLAYER’S CREDENTIALS: Davide Sereni began with Bormioli Rocco in Italy “just out of university,” working in the financial area, he told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®. Since then, Sereni has climbed through the ranks to his current position as evp/general manager of Bormioli Rocco and Luigi Bormioli, which was acquired by Bormioli Luigi S.p.A. last year, bringing both glassware brands under the same umbrella. Both brands continue to run separately under the common ownership.

WHAT TO WATCH: In the short term, Sereni said, the company is planning to capitalize on the strengths that each of the two brands have developed and bring what’s possible and makes sense to the other side. The process has already started, he said, and the company is beginning to see the first results. Moving forward, the company will continue to promote its two separate brands, even keeping separate sales organizations, he added.

“Another objective for the medium-long term is to focus more and more on quality, not only of the products but of the company and its organization in general, as the two things are strictly correlated,” he said. “There are always customers looking for better products and we want to be their first choice in glassware, and at the same time delivering great value. Made in Italy remains strong, and we are committed to being a pioneer in design and innovation.”

PERSPECTIVE: “The shift from brick and mortar to the online channel continues and at a fast pace so we need to handle this channel in a more sophisticated way. Better and best products have the disadvantage that the customer cannot ‘touch’ them on the Internet. Our challenge is that of ‘transmitting the experience’ in a different way,” he said.

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