Decanter Design Innovation Pours Into Wine World

NEW YORK— Wine enthusiasts are finding new ways to explore and enjoy new and favorite varietals beyond the bottle. As their thirst for knowledge and exploration increases, so too has their use of accessories, such as decanters, designed to enhance the wine experience.

“As people have been staying in more, they now have the time to explore their passions, and that includes wine,” said Greg Lambrecht, founder and executive director, Coravin. “We’ve seen bottles that have been stored for years are being opened or accessed using a Coravin system and finally tried. Plus, there’s been an explosion in the amount of content being created and distributed through social media by wineries, sommelier, and wine experts who are similarly trapped at home, making educating yourself about this beverage we love easier than ever.”

Lambrecht points out consumers are seeking accessories such as the Coravin wine opening and preservation systems, as well as additional accoutrements. “Tools for wine don’t need to be complex, but it is wonderful if they are perfect at what they do. Great glassware has such an influence on the experience of wine and is an attainable luxury during this time,” he said.

The spotlight has been cast on wine decanters among consumers. While not a new idea, the decanter has been thrust into the forefront again as consumers are embracing their ability to oxygenate less expensive wines and serve a crowd— albeit a smaller one these days.

Coravin is supporting this trend with its By-The-Glass Decanter, which the company said is a companion to its range of wine preservation systems and designed for at-home wine tastings or other small celebrations. The decanter enables the wine to be aerated, while also letting a consumer measure the wine pour. It features markings for either a three ounce pour or a six ounce glass.

While decanters themselves are one way to increase the oxygen exposure to freshly opened wine, aerators are an accessory designed to do the same when topped onto a bottle. However, now vendors have merged the two. There is a new generation of aerators that are designed to work with decanters to further enhance the taste experience.

“People are doing what they can these days to enjoy their time at home. For many, that means making their space more livable. Adding a wine decanter to the home bar, bar cart, or kitchen countertop is a simple, chic improvement with the added benefit of the reward of an even better way to enjoy wine,” said James Kornacki, founder and CEO of Üllo.

The Üllo decanter comes with the company’s wine purifier, designed to remove sulfites from wine, while respecting the simplicity and ritual of wine itself. It features an adjustable aerator that the company said is designed to replicate how one would naturally swirl a glass of wine in the hand.

When topped with the company’s decanter, the wine is enhanced further. The decanter is designed with balanced proportions to provide optimal air exposure and controlled pouring. The decanter has a wide base that allows optimal surface area for amplifying the wine.

“Our system utilizes a three phase system to instantly oxygenate and aerate with wine so consumers no longer need to wait for wine to breathe in the decanter,” said Kornacki. “This system provides up to twice as much scent and flavor compared to serving from a bottle or traditional decanter.”

Another new aerator on the market designed for use with decanters is the Final Touch conundrum wine aerator from Product Specialties, Inc. The accessory also utilizes a three phase process to instantly oxygenate red wine, while also enhancing the scent and flavor. The accessory comes with the glass conundrum aerator, aerator bowl and a stainless steel filter, which is said to remove sediment.

The conundrum globe design features holes in the aerator to provide a unique aeration phase, midway through the entire process, said the company.

The wine continues down into the bottom of the aerator and travels out and onto the sides of the decanter, further supporting the aeration and oxygenation process. Once the wine rests in the decanter, its flavor and scent are noticeable to the consumer.

Vendors have stated that aerators designed to be placed on top of a decanter for an elevated enjoyment are the next in what will be even more innovative experiential wine accessories to come.