Delays Hamper Cuisinart In Replacing Food Processor Blades

In mid-December, Cuisinart recalled about 8 million food processors for safety issues related to the unit’s blade system.

Since then, the small electrics supplier has struggled to meet what a company spokesperson said has been “an overwhelming response” to the recall notice.

Dan Kulp, the spokesperson, said Cuisinart uses only one manufacturer to fabricate the food processor’s blades that are made using a precise manufacturing process. “The company is producing new blades as rapidly as possible without sacrificing quality,” he added.

The challenges faced by Cuisinart to supply replacement blades to consumers was first reported in early March by Consumer Reports, which said that several of its readers informed the magazine of their inability to get new blades in a timely manner.

One example highlighted by Consumer Reports was a consumer who claimed that after placing an order for a replacement blade on December 31, they were informed by Cuisinart that the new blade would be shipped between June 1 and July 15.

In response to an inquiry from, Kulp said Cuisinart is “doing everything possible” to increase production of replacement blades.

“Consumers are being staged in the order they either registered online or called in and will receive their blade based upon that order,” he said. “Cuisinart will contact [consumers]as soon as it is able to provide a firm date.”