Dermaflash Rolls Out At Ulta

Dermaflash, an at-home professional quality facial exfoliating device, has entered into a new online retail partnership with Ulta Beauty.

The skin care appliance is an exfoliating device specifically created for the skin on a woman’s face. The device is said to remove dead skin cells and built up debris from the skin’s surface, while also getting rid of peach fuzz.

Dermaflash inventor and founder, Dara Levy, said, “Our skin cells turn over every 28 days. If we do not exfoliate, those cells build up and lead to a drab and dull complexion. This buildup impedes our skin care from doing its work and pesky peach fuzz gets in the way of flawless makeup application. When we remove the buildup on our faces, we instantly reveal the soft, smooth, luminous skin underneath.”

The Dermaflash tool is now available at for a retail price of $189.