DermaFlash Rolling Out At

DermaFlash, an at-home facial exfoliating device, is expanding its retail availability, launching on this month.

The company has expanded the facial care and skin care tool’s availability throughout the year, rolling out at a number of retail, e-commerce and television shopping platforms including Sephora, Neiman Marcus and QVC.

According to the company, the skin care tool was created to treat the delicate skin on a woman’s face and is powered by a sonic vibration that removes dead skin cells, built up debris and peach fuzz. 

Dara Levy, founder of DermaFlash, said, “I am so thrilled and excited about the opportunity of bringing our technology directly into consumers’ homes from, one of the world’s most iconic stores. Healthy, glowing skin makes every woman feel beautiful. DermaFlash takes you from fuzzy to fabulous in a flash.”

DermaFlash carries a suggested retail price of $189.