Design Can Be A Winning Experience

I was honored to preside over the presentation of the 2018 Housewares Design Awards during the recent Winter Las Vegas Market.

HomeWorld Business has presented the Housewares Design Awards since 2004, and the enthusiasm of the finalists and winners each year never gets old.

That’s because this competition always radiates with the fresh ingenuity that is the holy grail of the product development and marketing pursuit that defines the most successful and enduring housewares companies.

Future Possibilities

Winning design— and by that I mean design that wins at the cash register even more so than it wins at the awards podium— can open a window to future possibilities as it provides a snapshot of what compels today’s consumer needs and liking.

With that, as you examine what makes each of this year’s winning products special and valuable (see story on page 16 of the February 19 issue), look for common qualities that unify them in the industry-wide effort to improve people’s lives.

Veteran designer and Housewares Design Awards judge Steve Cozzolino sees a shifting responsibility of the design world in today’s marketplace.

Whereas the design objective for generations often was conveyed in practical problem/solution terms, the opportunity moving forward, in Cozzolino’s view, is to design with a desired consumer experience in mind.

Concrete Value

Such an objective places no less emphasis on the concrete value of stylish, accessible, functional product. However, it has the potential to elevate the value of a product by considering its wider-reaching context as a lifestyle accessory tailored to a given marketplace or demographic.

It is a design theory in sync with the effort by retailers and manufacturers to satisfy the desire by consumers across multiple generations for a shopping experience that is… more experiential.

Great housewares design is housewares design that sells.

People today don’t just want a better product. They want a better experience.

Understanding that is the first step to winning where it matters most.

Giving Thanks

There are many to thank for a successful 2018 Housewares Design Awards campaign. Thanks to Dorothy Belshaw, Esther Ossie-Anto and the team at International Market Centers and the Las Vegas Market for their enthusiastic support; and for a judging and awards venue that embodies the high style and performance celebrated by the Housewares Design Awards.

Thanks to judging coordinator Cathy Steel for organizing so many details and ensuring the in-depth, independent evaluation of each entry.

Thanks to the judges for their passionate, hands-on approach and healthy debate.

Thanks to non-stick coatings leader and longtime Housewares Design Awards sponsor Whitford Corporation, a champion of the innovative spirit and execution that fuels this program.

Thanks to the HomeWorld team for its dedication to the industry’s original and foremost design competition

And thanks to 2018 Housewares Design Awards entrants. None of this is possible without your collective effort to make life a little better.