Desks, TV Stands Staging Design Revival At Las Vegas Market

Trending designs at the summer Las Vegas Market include desks and TV stands, which are staging a comeback both in terms of fashion and function.

Desks have often constituted a confused product segment in the larger mass-market furniture category. Sofa tables and basic writing desks have been purchased by consumers as much for their ability to perform non-task functions, for instance, as a bar or buffet. Workstations have become popular at the expense of more purpose-built home office furniture.

However, now a new generation of desks has arisen with more function added in the form of storage and adjustable work surfaces. Newly designed desks also have cross functionality in that they are styled to blend into homes rather than live in a separate office. They can function in other roles but still have enough task orientation to make working at them easier.

Newer products in the home entertainment furniture category, especially the TV stand segment, also have taken on forms that make them consistent with home fashion trends. Like desks, they offered functional designs with styling determined by their purpose, that is, supporting electronics. Designs often blended better with flat screen televisions, in terms of both form and function, than with other room furniture or established the products as singular statement pieces.

Now, although function remains important, TV stand designs consistently reflect home fashion as it evolves in popular style categories such as mid-century modern, rustic-industrial and farmhouse while, at the same time, incorporating trendy enhancements such as mesh door fronts and fire boxes.