Digital Canton Fair Boosts International Business

The 10-day 128th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) concluded on its digital platform, which provided a unique opportunity for international businesses and buyers to embrace a barrier-free trade experience.

The fair said it welcomed buyers from 226 countries and regions. As of October 24, its platform has received 51.17 million visits, including over 7.89 million visits to companies’ virtual exhibition halls, the show said.

The show noted that 26,000 exhibitors brought more than 2.47 million products, an increase of 16.5% from the last edition, including 8,500 products from 346 international exhibitors across 30 countries. Among them, 730,000 new products were launched at the event, increasing by 21.6%.

This year’s Canton Fair also saw growth in trending products with innovation in design, function, craftsmanship and materials. About 131 products from 91 companies were rewarded for their innovative designs, receiving prizes from the 2020 Canton Fair Design Awards.

The VR exhibition hall showcased products from 2,046 companies, and was visited 163,200 times in total, while customized live streaming showrooms were also a hit, with 1.89 million people tuning in, the company said.

In addition to exhibitions, the Canton Fair also hosted a series of online and offline supporting events to explore and further boost international trade, with 38 virtual business matching events hosted in 37 countries and regions, and six business associations from Africa, Europe and Asia joining the Canton Fair Global Cooperative Partnership Program.