Digital Commerce 360: Amazon Sets Prime Day Record

According to Digital Commerce 360, Amazon set another Prime Day record, with sales surpassing last year’s 48-hour event by 45.2%.

The market research firm estimates Amazon’s sales on Prime Day hit $10.4 billion globally over the two-day period spanning October 13 and October 14, up from $7.16 billion during the 48-hour event in July 2019. Marketplace operator sales grew nearly 60% to more than $3.5 billion, another record.

Marketplace sales jumped more year over year than those for Amazon’s own products, which includes its private label goods, Amazon devices and other inventory.

During the past few Prime Day events, Amazon’s marketplace sales as a share of total Prime Day sales have declined, according to a Digital Commerce 360 analysis, because the retailer promoted its products. The market research firm estimates marketplace seller sales only account for about a third of Prime Day sales in a breakdown that differs from Amazon’s annual gross merchandise sales. Marketplace sellers generated 60% of sales in 2019. Although they didn’t reach that proportion, marketplace sales increased to 35% of Amazon’s Prime Day 2020 sales, up from 32% in the year prior, Digital Commerce 360 noted, adding that Amazon has recruited more recognizable brands to its marketplace over the past few years, which could be behind the growth in marketplace product sales this year.

In addition, from September 28 through October 12, the retailer offered Prime members $10 to spend on any products during Prime Day when they spent at least $10 on items sold by marketplace sellers. The promotion during those two weeks generated more than $900 million in marketplace sales. The best-selling categories for marketplace products were home goods, electronics, nutrition and crafts.