Distinctive Wine Frames Promoting Cork Decor With Gift Card Deal

Distinctive Wine Frames has entered the market with a line of wine cork shadow boxes, picking up on a trend that has gained popularity in restaurants and other places were people enjoy a glass of wine: turning used corks in decorations. The Distinctive Wine Frames products come in three sizes, large, small and skinny, with the large frame holding about 500 corks, the small holding about 250 corks, and the skinny holding about 190 corks. The line offers boxes in three materials: Brazilian Cherry, White Oak and Clear Pine.

With the frames, the company urges purchasers to throw a Fill Up Your Wine Cork Frame Party, which it characterizes as a great event for bridal/couple showers, wine tastings, book clubs, wine clubs, fundraisers or any other imbibing occasion.

Distinctive Wine Frames encourages partygoers to photograph the event and email the shots to the company, which, in turn, will look to post them on its Facebook page and send the contributor a $10 company gift card.