DIY Retailers Gain Ground As Top Stick Goods Choice

This is part three of a special, four-part web series showcasing exclusive consumer research and analysis from the HomeWorld Forecast 2018 survey. The series, sponsored by Casabella, examines consumer purchase expectations for stick goods and cleaning tools. Scroll through charts by clicking on the arrow icons. Click here to receive the complete HomeWorld Forecast 2018 supplement.

For consumers looking to purchase stick goods, the 2018 Forecast survey revealed that some brick-and-mortar retail channel preferences have shifted. For example, while 57.6% of respondents named discount stores as their most often shopped channel for stick goods, up from 55.7% last year and maintaining the number one spot, home improvement/hardware stores regained the number two spot with 9.3% of respondents, up from 7.9% last year. Supermarkets saw a decline to 8% of respondents and moved down to the number three spot this year.

*Source: HomeWorld Business Forecast 2018 consumer survey, conducted by The NPD Group.

Of those shopping the discount channel, the survey showed 58% of consumers would most likely shop at Walmart for their stick goods purchase. Target garnered 26.9% of respondents.

In the home improvement/hardware store channel, 50.5% of respondents stated that Home Depot would be their retailer of choice for their stick goods purchases, while 26.5% of respondents stated Lowe’s.

The supermarket channel saw 22% of respondents name Kroger as the retailer they would most likely shop for stick goods. Publix came in the number two spot but saw significantly less interest with 7.7% of respondents.

When it comes to the home specialty channel, Bed Bath & Beyond was the dominant player, with 74.6% of respondents stating the retailer to be their most likely choice. Kohl’s and J.C. Penney were neck and neck in terms of consumer preference within the department store channel, with 23.3% and 22.3% of respondents respectively.