DKB Debuts New Ken Hom Wok Range

DKB is debuting a new and improved line of Ken Hom woks to the market and will mark the latest offerings with updated packaging.

According to the company, the new Classic wok range are all made from 1.2mm carbon steel and have wooden handles incorporating the logo as well as a hanging loop. The woks are finished with the company’s Quantum 2 coating.

The Excellence wok is a 1.5mm carbon steel wok with hanging loop and logo phenolic handles, making the product dishwasher-safe. Additionally, it comes with a five year warranty and is available with the company’s Eclipse coating.

As for the packaging, DKB is temporarily using stickers to mark the new and improved status, the company said. A gold sticker will adorn the Classic line and a silver sticker will be used on the Excellence wok. The new packaging will include a stylized packaging with each piece featuring a Ken Hom portrait by Christian Develter.