DKB Strengthens Brand Portfolio With AdHoc Purchase

IRVINE, CA— DKB Household is getting ready to share another European-based kitchenware brand with American consumers.

Following the acquisition of the Germany-based AdHoc brand of housewares by Diethelm Keller Group (DKB), DKB Household will add the AdHoc line of products to its portfolio, such as specialty mills, tea and coffee products, barware and accessories. The AdHoc brand will join DKB’s other European brands including Zyliss, Cole & Mason and Culinare, as well as its long-standing licensing partnerships with chefs Jamie Oliver and Ken Hom.

At the time of the acquisition, the company stated that it was made to strengthen the range of brands available to its customers as well as increase DKB’s presence in both national and international markets. In addition, AdHoc will continue to operate as an independent company within DKB’s portfolio, and Frank Kaltenbach, owner, will stay at the helm.

“AdHoc is a fantastic, design led, lifestyle brand with a modern aesthetic and German engineered function. There is nothing quite like it on the U.S. market currently and it fits perfectly in our existing portfolio of European brands. AdHoc strengthens DKB’s leadership in seasoning and gives us new category opportunities in tea, coffee and barware products,” said Will Symonds, global CEO of Diethelm Keller’s manual appliances division, which manages the Zyliss, Cole & Mason and Culinare brands worldwide.

Symonds stated that the company is excited to share the brand with the U.S. and will do so with an initial range of 30 products covering seasoning, barware, coffee and tea accessories. The products, he said, are scheduled to be available, in stock, in January 2020.

“We look forward to launching the brand at important shows such as in Atlanta, Dallas and of course, Chicago. We are already introducing AdHoc with our major customers who are very excited about this launch. AdHoc is a premium brand and will be very selectively distributed,” Symonds said.

The company also stated that it feels the AdHoc consumer is distinct and underserved in the U.S market currently, and it hopes to fill that void.

“Consumers who are looking for modern, elegant and extremely well engineered products will find the AdHoc brand and its ethos really resonates with them. The fastest growing consumer preference trend in kitchen and living space aesthetics is ‘modern and contemporary,’ according to original research by Design Research, The American Living Survey,” he said.

Further, Symonds noted that increasingly consumers, especially Millennials and Generation Y, want stainless steel, sleek looks, and natural materials, such as wood and stone, expressed in a modern and light way, which is what AdHoc is most focused on with its design aesthetic.

“Few kitchenware brands cater to this trend as clearly as AdHoc,” said Symonds.

As far as logistics of the acquisition, Symonds said AdHoc will remain a standalone operation in Germany, continuing to drive its own product innovation, something both companies feel is critical to maintaining the authenticity and design success of the brand. Meanwhile, outside of Germany, DKB will use its own sales and marketing operations in various countries including the U.S., as a distribution platform for growing brand sales.