Dorel Among High Point Exhibitors Promoting Flexibility

Flexibility in concept and use is a factor that mass-market furniture manufacturers at the Fall High Point Market have been demonstrating in abundance. Among the products that Dorel Industries has featured in its showroom is the Conway collection of chests/cabinets/shelving units that allow transition in form and function via their fabric bin drawers.

Not only are the drawers lightweight and flexible, which potentially could be a benefit for consumers with small, energetic and curious children, but, also, the ease of removal they offer facilitates shifting the piece from use as a bureau, for example, into the role of open storage unit. In addition, the Conway products can take on a new look if consumers switch out the existing drawers with new, inexpensive bins in fresh patterns and/or colors. Even then, the original drawers don’t have to go to waste, as they can work as underbed storage, laundry hampers and in other storage capacities.

Other Dorel furniture also allows alteration in application, including, for instance, a new changing table with a removable top. The company designed the product to grow with a child, so as baby needs give way to wardrobe storage, the product converts into a chest.

The market, in High Point NC, runs through Thursday.