Dorel Combines Ameriwood, Altra Operations In High Point Showcase

Dorel Industries has combined its Ameriwood and Altra operations and demonstrated what that would mean to customers at the Fall High Point Market, running through October 24. The company offered showgoers a range of design themes that demonstrated its ability to address trends and consumer decorating preferences rather than focusing on domestic or overseas production.

Themes included Weathered, Bronze, Painted and Soft Grey.

The Altra brand will continue in the company as part of a choice range for customers that also includes newly conceived collections, including a fresh line of children’s products that range from a toddler’s bed to novel cabinet storage with small town graphic decoration.

Dorel also focused on function trends in its showrooms, offering, for example, a range of beverage-related furniture that helps consumers organize their preparation of drinks from wine to coffee. At the same time, it updated its core segments including home office and organization with new products including flexible utility shelving from the Cosco division that consumers can expand and build as they prefer. So, consumers can arrange the product for simple storage or build it into a desk, depending upon need.