Dreame Rolling Out New Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Dreame Technology is launching its next-generation robot vacuum cleaner, D9, to provide a high value-added cleaning solution at an affordable price.

The D9 is rolling out on Amazon with a regular price of $349.99, but consumers can get a better price of $279.99 from November 12 to 18.

Developed with the company’s latest laser distance sensor navigation system and powered by simultaneous localization and mapping intelligent algorithm, the Dreame D9 robot can map a cleaning area, locate itself with high accuracy and plan the vacuuming route, the company stated. Users can connect to a mobile application that allows them to set and manage cleaning routes.

The D9 offers a Sweep-and-Mop 2-in-1 design to relieve consumers of various daily household chores, Dreame asserted, pointing out that, for example, it lifts and removes embedded dirt from surfaces with ease, ensuring effective cleaning performance. It detects carpets when encountering them and boosts power automatically to ensure effective cleaning.

Designed to operate quietly, the D9 provides up to 150 minutes of run-time and can clean up to 250 square meters, or just over 250 square yards, with one full charge. The robot comes with Alexa voice command support for its mobile app, which provides for voice command management.

“We believe that technology can empower the world and innovation can drive us to a better future, and we are privileged to lead in high-speed digital motors and multi-cone cyclone separation technology,” said Roc Woo, Dreame co-founder. “Dreame D9 is one of the best examples that can illustrate our mission of promoting the benefits of scientific progress in technological consumer products.”