Dreamfarm Launches New Products, Opens First Store

Australian kitchenware company Dreamfarm has launched two new kitchen gadgets, self-leveling measuring spoons, Levoons; and adjustable fruit savors, Savel.

The two launches come as the company approaches its 10th anniversary. Dreamfarm has also announces its first brick-and-mortar store opening in Brisbane, Australia.

Savel offers consumers a way to preserve pieces of citrus fruits or vegetables. Savel bends to cover whatever shape of cut food is left and keep it fresh, the company said. By covering and sealing cut surfaces, savel keeps leftovers fresh. It can bend to cover and save wedges, halves, or fruits with a wedge cut out. A silicone strap stretches to held cut surfaces firmly on the base. Available now, the product has a suggested retail price of $7.95.

Levoons are the company’s new “squeeze to scrape” measuring spoons that allow users to squeeze the handles together to scrape off excess ingredients giving a level measure, the company said. The spoons next together and feature easy-to-read measurements engraves into the design. Available in a number of colors, the levoons has a suggested retail price of $14.95 for a set.