Drinkmate Introduces Personal Sparkling Beverage Bottle

Drinkmate has introduced the instaFizz stainless steel sparkling beverage bottle.

The new 21-ounce bottle is positioned as a personal twist-to-fizz beverage bottle that is designed to function as a traditional personal water bottle. It comes with a built-in carry ring that allows it to be taken anywhere and has a wide 1.5-inch bottle opening to allow ice and fruit inside. 

The instaFizz features a built-in patented carbonation system that enables users to carbonate their water. To accomplish this carbonation, a 8g CO2 charger is inserted in the bottom of the Drinkmate instaFizz bottle. Then, with a simple twist of the bottle’s bottom cap the water is carbonated.

The Drinkmate instaFizz is available now and can be purchased with or without a set of CO2 chargers to accommodate all water drinking tastes.