Dunn-Edwards Shares Its 2015 Color Trends

Dunn-Edwards Paints has released its 2015 color trend report, A Journey of Discovery. The company predicts that a color palette rich in deep and vivid hues inspired by adventure and discovery around the world will emerge next year, it stated.

The five key trends Dunn-Edwards identifies are:

  • Romance and Remembrance with the colors chocolate, gray, soft green, mauve, pale pink and garnet, highlighted by whitened tones, sky blue and pale yellow.
  • Spirit of the West with red and rust tones, pigmented darks, dusky and very dark tints, and warm neutrals such as terracotta, green, ecru, tobacco and bronze.
  • Kaleidoscope with vivid brights and plant life coloring including vibrant, intense tones with a touch of metallic.
  • L.A. Eccentricities, a take on sugary-sweet hues such as those associate with citrus and berry.
  • Into the Abyss, a watery palette that ranges from inky and deep ocean to lighter sunlit blues with accents of seaweed and sea life coloring.