DuraKleen To Launch Elle Magazine Housewares Collection

DuraKleen will launch a licensed collection of cookware, bakeware and kitchenware, as well as storage and organization products, with Elle magazine.

The Elle Gourmet collection will include cookware, bakeware and food prep items, including a salad spinner. The collection is inspired by the magazine’s spin‐off Elle Gourmet and Elle A Table, which focus on cooking and gastronomy.

In addition, DuraKleen will launch a line of kitchen accessories and pantry items such as bread boxes, flatware caddies, napkin holders and other items, inspired by Elle Décor.

“We love the way DuraKleen translated the Elle chic and fashion spirit in the products” said Eva Platini‐ Hernandez, senior manager at Lagardère in charge of the Elle brand licensing in the Americas. “Elle is more than a magazine, this is a lifestyle brand. Cooking is an essential part of people’s lifestyle so it was important for the brand to develop these categories and to express the distinctive look and feel of the brand’s positioning.”

Outside of the kitchen, DuraKleen has developed a line of closet accessories including storage boxes, hangers and shoe racks under the Elle Decor brand, as well as cosmetic and jewelry organizers and vanity mirrors under the Elle brand.

“The full Elle Decor collection was launched in 2017 with seven different partners on specific key categories, and we are happy to count DuraKleen as one of our newest addition to make it even stronger,” added Platini‐Hernandez.