Duralex Celebrates Color With Glassware Collections

Duralex is infusing its new glassware introductions with color. The new Prisme Colors line includes faceted patterned tumblers that the company explained play with light, capturing and reflecting it, giving the beverages inside both depth and tone.

The assortment, said the company, is ideal for both hot and cold drinks. Ttese stackable, impact- and chip-resistant glasses can be used in the microwave or freezer. The new tumblers are available in a nine and 5/8-inch size and in four colors: blue, pink, green and purple. The Prisme tumblers are available in a set of four and have a suggested retail price of $25 each.

The company is focusing on pastels for its French Picardie tumbler collection. The company designed the assortment as having a soft, calm and impressionistic color palette. The assortment come in blue, yellow, rose and violet pastel hues. The pastel colors are sold as sets of six of each color and retail for $36 each. The tumblers come in the 7 ¾-ounce size. The outside is a pastel color, while the inside is a high gloss white.