Dutch Creative Brands Expands Vacu Vin Wine, Beer Accessories

Dutch Creative Brands is expanding its Vacu Vin wine and beer accessory assortment.

The new Vacu Vin Slow Pourer is designed for delicate and older wines. It helps to minimize the amount of oxygen that the wines come in contact with and therefore avoid over-oxidation, said the company. To use, the transparent tube is always kept at the bottom of the glass to minimize oxidation while pouring. It features a silicone stopper with a double flange and a stainless steel tube reaches to the back of the bottle and guides the air flow without aerating the wine.

The new Vacu Vin Wine Saver & Server is designed to enable consumers to serve wine without dripping, store it for a short period of time or create a vacuum to keep it fresh longer. When a consumer wants to preserve wine longer, the vacuum pump can be used for vacuum storage. The vacuum slows down the oxidation process which makes it possible to enjoy wine again at a later date.

The company will also introduce a Beer Tasting glassware set. The company said it includes different shaped glasses that suit various types of beer. It comes with two sets of half-sized glasses, yeast glasses that can be used for experimenting with yeast-rich beers, and tasting note pages that fit around a bottle neck to mark and identify the corresponding bottle.