Dutch Creative Brands Maintains Social Programs

DELFT, NETHERLANDS— While the owners of International Innovation Company stress intuitive idea generation and innovative product design as pillars of the newly formed Dutch Creative Brands strategy, they endorse social responsibility as an equally valuable asset.

The company produces and/or assembles most of its products at its headquarters, here, under a government-sanctioned social work program that employs more than 150 mentally or physically disadvantaged people.

“The focus of this company is to accomplish the production and assembly of high-level quality products and, at the same time, help people that need help getting back into the working society,” said Patrick Schneider, IIC’s president and CEO.

The importance of social responsibility to IIC extends beyond its home city in the Netherlands. The IIC-founded Sharing Success Foundation guarantees 100% of donations received from entrepreneurs, allocated with the Liliane Foundation, to assist disabled children in developing countries.