DynaTrap Expands Insect Trap Lineup

DynaTrap has expanded its indoor/outdoor insect trap assortment with three new products.

According to the company, its proprietary technology uses a three-way protection plan to attract and eliminate bugs: A combination of carbon dioxide and UV-light attracts mosquitoes and other insects to the trap. A powerful yet silent fan is then said to draw them into a retaining cage, without the intrusive zapping noise.

The new model DT160 is a compact, noiseless indoor/outdoor trap and features up to 1/4-acre of coverage. It is a pesticide-free approach and available in two different color options, black and stone. It is suitable for indoor use and includes a non-replaceable CCFL bulb rated for 20,000 hours (or 2.25 years) of continuous use.

The new stainless steel model DT600 series of traps come in three different metallic finishes including tungsten, stainless and antique copper. It uses energy efficient, non-replaceable UV-LED bulbs rated for 40,000 hours of continuous use, and provides up to 1/4-acre of outdoor protection. It also includes a 30-day supply of Atrakta Mosquito Attractant Pods, which turbocharge the attractant power of the unit by mimicking the human skin scents that attract mosquitoes, the company said.

The new Atrakta Mosquito Lure is a water-resistant sachet designed to enhance the effects of any insect trap, rated for 60 days of continuous use to increase catch rate. It is safe to use around people, pets or beneficial insects, the company noted. The Atrakta Mosquito Lure mimics naturally occurring human scents to attract mosquitoes, the company said.

“We’re delighted to expand the line of DynaTrap solutions,” said Juan Rocha, president of DynaTrap. “Anyone who is familiar with DynaTrap will immediately recognize the stylish design and reliable coverage that we are known for. These units are simply the newest technology in a long line of dependable bug traps.”