eMarketer: Digital Sales Surge To Boost Holidays

Retailers in the United States should gear up for the holidays not only with merchandise and additional employees but also with more supply and fulfillment center resources as, according to eMarketer, digital sales will jump 17.2% in November and December.

The e-commerce advance will be part of a total retail sales increase of 3.3% over the holiday season last year to $884.50 billion, the market research firm predicted. The holiday online total, $94.71 billion, should represent 10.7% of total holiday retail sales, according to the firm, the largest proportion ever.

Mobile will drive e-commerce growth, generating a 43.2% sales gain year over year to $115.92 billion, eMarketer stated. Mobile will generate 29.1% of retail ecommerce sales in the firm’s prediction and 2.4% of total retail sales for the year.

“Amazon continues to be a powerful driver of e-commerce,” said Yory Wurmser, eMarketer retail analyst. “Last year, it accounted for over a quarter of online holiday sales, according to NetElixir. It should be even higher this year, as Amazon’s revenue growth continues to outpace e-commerce growth as a whole.”

“Bigger screens, better mobile design and simpler payment options have all contributed to this explosion of sales via smartphones,” added Wurmser. “We’re still in the early part of the smartphone commerce revolution, and the development of better app search, payment systems and commerce on new platforms should propel sales strongly in 2017.”