eBay: Smart Home, Wellness Boost 2018 Home Sector Sales

In a look at the marketplace through the year, eBay has unveiled its 2018 Shopping Report, taking an in-depth look at critical launches, anniversaries and collaborations that arose over the year.

Among the observations about the home goods sectors and factors relating to it, eBay noted that the connected home had made gains in consumer interest, as had yellow tones in domestic décor and Smeg appliances while wellness remained a prime topic.

On the connected home front, eBay reported that it sold more than two million Internet-linked items over the course of the current year as shoppers continued to link their living quarters to their phones. The e-tailer cited industry data indicating that connected home merchandise reached a household penetration of 32% in 2018, a figure that could hit 53% by 2022. Smart speaker updates and launches such as that of the Apple HomePod, helped drive eBay connected home sales growth by more than 200%. The smart thermostat category is growing at a rate of 24%, eBay added, with Nest as brand leader, while products from the Philips Hue smart lighting line drove 4,454 purchases in just the last 90 days.

As to the year’s tone, eBay reported that its customers couldn’t get enough of hues including buttercup, mustard, daisy and canary yellow as applied to furniture, wall hangings, throw pillows and other décor items. In 2018, eBay searches for Millennial-favored Smeg home appliances spiked between April and May, right after the vendor and Dolce & Gabbana announced their third collection together.

Wellness products continue to attract consumers, eBay added, with 217,456 diffusers sold on the company’s site in 2018, up 58% in the last six months alone. A favorite enthusiast brand, Young Living, accounted for 67% of total essential oil sales in 2018, with top scents emerging as peppermint and lavender.