Edgecraft Unveils ‘First-of-its-Kind’ Ceramic Knife Sharpener

Edgecraft is introducing a new ceramic knife sharpener at the International Home + Housewares Show this week, terming the new unit as, “the first of its kind in the marketplace.” The new unit has diamond abrasive technology and utilizes three sharpening stages and precision knife guides, to sharpen virtually all kitchen, household, fish fillet and pocket knives—ceramic or metal, according to the company.

On the cooking appliance side Edgecraft is spotlighting its WafflePro, Model 854 wafflemaker, which can bake four waffles in less than three minutes. Styled with a retro stainless steel patterned finish on the cover, the unit features a Taste/Texture Select feature that delivers waffles baked to the user’s preference. A flip of a switch lets users choose either a fast bake for crisper waffles with a soft interior; or slow bake for a crunchy, more uniform texture. The unit has a non-stick cooking surface and comes with recipes in-packed.