Eggthingy Selected As Finalist In Fresh Direct’s The Next Big Food Thing Challenge

Eggthingy, a silicone kitchen gadget that can make hard boiled eggs from egg whites or regular eggs, is one of 15 finalists in Fresh Direct’s The Next Big Food Thing Challenge. The contest, which ends on December 17th,  is crowd-funding based, meaning interested parties can dedicate funds to the products to help bring them to fruition. Eggthingy has earned more than $5,000 from the community of online fundraisers, the company said, and the product is currently set to launch in February 2014.

“I like the approach of using crowd-funding to build a community of supporters that entrepreneurs rely on for moral support,” said Grace Kim, entrepreneur and creator of eggthingy. “The grand prize of $10,000 along with connections to food and lifestyle brands this contest brings would be instrumental in launching eggthingy as a new must-have kitchen gadget for 2014.”

Eggthingy is an egg-shaped mold made of food-grade silicone that can be used to make flavored hard-boiled eggs from regular shelled egg or liquid egg whites. It can be used in the oven or microwave oven to cook hard-boiled eggs to an individual’s taste preference by adding spices and ingredients like bacon and cheese. With its sleek design, eggthingy produces an egg-shaped egg unlike other existing products, the company said.  It is heat-resistant up to 400F and BPA-free.

Other housewares products that have made the final 15 are the Ice Pop, an ice tray that makes the process of extracting single cubes from an ice tray easier and Lifeice, a kit to make bite-sized popsicles in various fruit-flavors.