Electrolux Donates Frigidaire Air Conditioners To Memphis Charity

Electrolux recently partnered with Neighborhood Christian Centers (NCC) to coordinate a community donation of 300 Frigidaire room air conditioners to disadvantaged residents in Memphis. Electrolux sells air conditioners under the Frigidaire brand.

Electrolux, which has a manufacturing facility in Memphis, has made the donation as part of its “Keeping Memphis Cool” initiative for local residents affected by the high summer temperatures. This marks the third year that Electrolux has made a donation.

According to the company, the Frigidaire room air conditioner donation is valued at nearly $72,000 and represents the fourth major donation of appliances that Electrolux has provided to Memphis residents.

“Our partnership with NCC has helped us connect with those in need, and especially the underserved in our community, to give them the comforts of a home,” said Terry Thomas, director of human resources for the Electrolux Memphis plant.

NCC CEO and president Ephie Johnson said that the assistance from Electrolux is always welcome and needed. “The response we get for this donation and the gratitude from recipients lets us know the impact that a simple gift can have,” she said.

Electrolux produces cooking products at its Memphis manufacturing facility.