Electrolux Reveals Design Lab Finalists

Electrolux has revealed the six finalists of its popular global design student competition “Design Lab.” According to the company, this year’s competition theme is “Healthy Happy Kids,” where the company seeks new solutions and bold ideas that will help improve the everyday lives of families with kids.

This year, Electrolux said it received 1,500 submissions at the opening of the competition in April 2015.

The six finalists, from students around the world, include:

Voris— a robot that teaches kids the importance of taking care of their clothes by Martha Fabiola García Bustos of Mexico.

Q.H[Quadruple H]— an air purifier and hula hoop in one by Jeongbeen Seo of South Korea.

Future Classroom— an interactive and self-sustaining kitchen for educational use by Tobias Tsamisis of Hungary/Germany.

Air Shield— a baby stroller that creates a pure and clean microclimate by Dominykas Budinas of Lithuania.

Bloom— bridges the gap between digital and practical education by encouraging good kitchen habits in a fun way by Jordan Lee Martin of the United Kingdom.

Plato— a robot toy that helps you take care of your child by Mary Pilyugina of Russia.

The winner of Design Lab 2015 will be chosen after presentations from the six finalists to a jury at an awards gala in Helsinki, Finland on October 15.

“The Design Lab final event is one of the highlights of the year. It is so refreshing to see all the innovation and talent that is out there,” said Lars Erikson, svp/design, Electrolux and head of the Design Lab jury. “The students that are in the final have done a tremendous job so far. It now comes down to impressing the jury one last time to secure the paid internship at Electrolux.”

Videos of the entry finalists can be viewed at the Electrolux YouTube channel: