Walker Edison Takes Multifunction Approach To New Furniture Designs

Walker Edison is focusing on multifunctional furniture designs and at the Las Vegas Market highlighted pieces that can serve as a chest, buffet or high console.

Chests have become increasingly popular introductions from mass market furniture vendors because they can serve different functions and purposes for different consumers. Whether they are fresh or variations on existing products, chests can be multifunctional and used to mount a flat-panel TV, store cutlery and linens or tuck away clothing.

Once, furniture vendors might have been more purposeful in specifying the use of such a piece, even using color, silhouette and hardware to help designate its function. Online retail has changed that. Walker Edison has designed chests meant to be photographed and presented online in multiple settings. In doing so, the company has been making a single SKU more utilitarian and opening it up to a broader range of consumer buying occasions.