Ember Launches Connected Ceramic Mug

Ember Technologies, Inc., a design-led temperature control brand, has launched a connected black ceramic mug in partnership with the MoMA Design Store following the success of its white ceramic mug in 2017, the company said.

The mug is said to enhance the coffee and tea drinking experience by maintaining drinking temperature. Embedded with multiple temperature sensors and a microprocessor-controlled, dual-band heating system, the mug maintains coffee or tea at the user’s precise drinking temperature, the company said.

The mug also connects to the Ember mobile app, allowing users to select their drinking temperature. The app remembers the user’s preferred drinking temperature and has several preset options for customization. The app also notifies users when their desired drinking temperature has been reached, and lets users identify their mug by selecting a personal color that will display on a small LED light located toward the base of the mug.

According to the company, the new mug colorway ties into current home trends. It is made of stainless steel with a ceramic coating, featuring a minimal, refined design and a discrete, technical interface.

“Our collaboration with MoMA Design Store for the launch of the black ceramic mug signifies our commitment to being a design-led brand,” said Clay Alexander, founder and CEO of Ember. “From the beginning of Ember, creating an advanced tech product that puts design and the human experience first was paramount. I love beautiful design, and we specifically engineered Ember so the technology recedes to the background, ensuring that the elegance of the product was not compromised with numerous screens, buttons and lights.”

The mug is available at the MoMA Design Store, and will soon be available at Starbucks stores, with a suggested retail price of $79.95.