Emile Henry Marks 25th Anniversary In U.S. Market

Emile Henry has marked its 25th anniversary of bringing its housewares to the U.S. market.

The company came to the U.S. in 1992, debuting its colorful, thermal and mechanical shock-resistant bakeware to a market that was used to using glass and metal bakeware, according to the company.

“The introduction of Emile Henry in the USA created a new product classification, ceramic ovenware and bakeware. Our message focused on the very real features and benefits of our products, rather than on price and decoration,” said Alan Senior, general manager, Emile Henry USA. “It was a new message, one that resonated with consumers, who over the years have come to rely and believe in the fantastic qualities of our products.”

The company launched three colors— red pivoine, cobalt blue and yellow buton d’Or— which were sold through specialty retailers throughout the U.S. Soon after, Emile Henry introduced the scalloped or ruffled edge pie dish and then, in 2005, the company brought the Flame ceramic stovetop and barbecue cookware and pizza stones that moved ceramic cooking out of the oven and placed it onto the stove and grill.