Emson Expands DRTV-Driven Non-Stick Cookware Brands

Emson is expanding its DRTV-supported non-stick cookware core with an accelerating retail rollout of GraniteStone and continuing extension of Gotham Steel.

Emson through the first half of this year has been widening the retail program for GraniteStone, featuring what Emson describes as a proprietary reinforced three-layer PTFE non-stick coating, since its infomercial-backed debut last year.

Emson president Eddie Mishan said the company is on pace to extend the non-stick aluminum GraniteStone cookware retail offering from its current eight SKUs to some 20 SKUs by the end of the year, including a wide range of shapes, sizes and sets.

The GraniteStone rollout follows a similar TV-to-retail path as Gotham Steel, which debuted three years ago and helped drive the rapid rise of As Seen On TV copper-colored, ceramic-coated cookware into a prominent position among mainstream retail cookware assortments.

Emson has widened the original Gotham Steel non-stick aluminum cookware collection, featuring a titanium-infused ceramic non-stick coating, to include stainless steel cookware and a new diamond-reinforced ceramic coating. The company has also moved Gotham Steel into a range of infomercial-supported specialty kitchen electrics anchored by a smokeless indoor grill.

Mishan said the company is exploring a similar move into electrics under GraniteStone as Emson looks to build a long-term position for Gotham Steel and GraniteStone among core kitchenware brands.

Mishan said the company has demonstrated its long-term commitment to Gotham Steel with new products and continuing advertising support including new infomercials. That has helped pave the way for a widespread retailer buy-in for GraniteStone, he said.

GraniteStone and Gotham Steel, Mishan said, appeal to different consumers with distinct non-stick cookware needs and preferences.

“Gotham Steel started with one pan, and we extended it to 40 products,” Mishan added. “We have the same vision for GraniteStone.”

Emson’s GraniteStone strategy is set to borrow another key promotional element from the marketing model established with Gotham Steel. Gotham Steel advertising has featured celebrity chef Daniel Green since its debut, and Emson at presstime was preparing to announce another celebrity chef for GraniteStone.