Envion Adds Mini Therapure Air Purifiers

Envion is expanding its range of air purifiers under its brand portfolio, including new Therapure Mini air cleaning options for smaller living spaces and a healthier home environment. The company suggested more compact home environment spaces for the use of the Mini, such as bathrooms, closets, pantries and other small areas in homes or offices.

The UV light technology of the air purifier is said to eliminate harmful airborne viruses and destroy germs, and effectively capture harmful particles and allergens on easy-to-clean stainless steel collection blades of the unit. An internal fan rapidly circulates to purify the air quickly. The Mini also neutralizes smoke and other unpleasant odors and has no filters to replace. The Mini was also designed to be energy efficient with lower power consumption and a built-in cordless plug that hugs the wall for a close fit, the company noted.

Touting a slim and compact design that gives it a low profile, the Therapure Mini, model number TPP50, is merchandised in clamshell packaging, and will be available in seven color accents to match various home décor, including white, black, red, green, orange, blue and purple.

For more on Envion, see HomeWorld’s September 2, 2013, issue. This issue also features coverage of NY Now, and a special report, “Retailing South American Style,” on the International Housewares Association/Housewares Export Council trade mission to Brazil and Colombia.