Equo Develops Reusable Straw Assortment

Equo reusable straws, made from coconut, grass, rice and sugarcane, recently launched on Kickstarter.

According to the company’s founders, the straws harness raw natural sources sourced from local farming communities, to replace single-use plastics and are biodegradable and compostable. The multi-colored straws are available in four choices, each with unique characteristics: rice, dried grass, coconut and sugarcane.

“It’s well known that plastic straws are harmful for the environment, with most of the 500 million used every day in America ending up in oceans where they pollute water and kill marine life,” said Equo co-founder and managing director Marina Tran-Vu. “Although there are some plastic and paper straw alternatives on the market, most are environmentally harmful through the carbon footprint they make in production and disposal, and we were also unsatisfied with the quality and durability of paper straws.”

Tran-Vu also said the straws are the first in a line of products the company plans to introduce to replace single-use plastics. The company said its campaign was fully funded and product is expected to ship in the coming months.