Escali Debuts Metallic Hues For Arti Scales Line

Escali has added a new set of metallic colors for its Arti glass scales line and redesigned retail packaging to highlight the new designs

While some of the new metallic colors may have a similar hue to the existing solid colors, such as succulent green, orange sol and frost white, there are a few brand new colors, such as gray storm, desert rose and sand dune. Overall, there are 12 metallic colors, including shiny silver, which will remain in the updated line.

“The new color palette was inspired by the natural beauty of America’s desert southwest and reflects current trends in the kitchenware market,” said Noah Harber, brand manager of Escali. “The luster of the metallic effect conveys a sense of luxury, creating an almost intangible sense of desire for the scales. We’re hoping that people will truly identify with one of these new colors and use the scale to personalize their kitchen and cook great food.”

The company will ship the new metallic colored scales with updated retail packaging. The new packaging design includes a premium exterior finish, icons for simple feature comparison and a product window to draw attention to the new metallic hues.

“We thought the best way to sell the metallic effect was to open up the packaging with a window. It entices the customer to pick up the box and experience the shimmer of light for themselves,” Harber said. “No picture in the world can make that kind of a connection.”

Escali said that pricing for the Arti glass scales in the new metallic colors will remain unchanged and will eventually completely replace the solid colors in the assortment.