Eureka Brushroll Clean Upright Vacuum Debuts At Walmart

Eureka has introduced its Brushroll Clean bagless upright vacuum, which is said to feature a self-cleaning function. It is available exclusively at Walmart and 

According to Eureka, the new vacuum features a self-cleaning brushroll that once consumers activiate, via a push of a pedal, is said to remove tangled hair, dirt and debris. The company stated by incorporating the self-cleaning brushroll, it is providing a solution to a common pain point for consumers.

“Vacuum owners have told us they want an easier way to maintain a clean brushroll,” said Kerstin Peterson, vp/marketing at Electrolux Small Appliances, North America. “With the new Eureka Brushroll Clean, what was once a frustrating process is now solved simply and with no interruption, no mess and no touching of the brushroll.”

The company said the vacuum is designed to provide deep cleaning on all floor types including carpets and bare floors. Additional features include a multi-cyclonic system and suction plates that Eureka stated concentrate airflow on all floor types. In addition, the company said the vacuum has been engineered with an air path that has limited bends and turns, which is said to allow more air to pass through the vacuum to support suction and deep carpet cleaning.

The Eureka Brushroll Clean has a 27-foot retractable cord, runs on a 12-amp motor and has a suggested retail price of $198.