Eureka Steps Up Retail Visibility With True Value Deal

COPELL, TX— Eureka Ergonomic, a designer and manufacturer of office accessories and industrial products, has entered into a deal with retailer True Value that covers kitchen/storage carts, height-adjustable workbenches and bench accessories, racking systems and related items, and that ventures into areas such as height-adjustable desks and desk risers as the vendor pursues new retail opportunities.

True Value, for its part, has recently reconfigured its organization, in part to change how it brings products to market, and that has the potential to more easily incorporate the Eureka Ergonomic product line.

The True Value supplier agreement will provide Eureka Ergonomic more visibility in the marketplace at a time when the company, which offered industrial and consumer rack storage and office accessories, is expanding its desk, desk riser and office chair business, said Mike Whaley, Eureka Ergonomic vp/sales and marketing, as well as growing a gaming furniture portfolio.

As its name underscores, the company emphasizes developing products that incorporate ergonomic design, with the adjustability factor critical to making its work and play products more comfortable and healthier in use.

Whaley said, however, that the company is focused on delivering products that not only functions in a user-friendly manner but also is built to last. Durability is part of the value-positioning but Eureka Ergonomic also is conscious of maintaining a price structure that makes the product line broadly accessible across consumer income levels.

For example, the new Eureka Ergonomic electric height adjustable 31-inch standing desk converter with keyboard tray lists for sale in the company’s website at $246.99. If it avoids opening pricepoints, Whaley said, the company does want consumers to recognize that they’ll get long-term value from its products, and points to sturdy construction as one way the company assures consumers they’re getting their money’s worth.

“The areas Eureka is being recognized for are design, quality control and functionality,” Whaley said.

In March of last year, True Value struck a deal with ACON Investments, a private equity firm, that led to the development of the new corporate structure that moved it away from a cooperative model. Under the new organization, True Value retailers can order merchandise directly from it but without the requirement that they purchase stock in the company, a financial obligation that had been required for membership and purchasing access.

Under the new corporate structure, Eureka Ergonomic can more easily integrate its product line into the True Value system where before, when the retailer operated as a co-op, the company would have had to pitch individual store members more directly.

At the same time, True Value offers a kind of white space opportunity that Eureka Ergonomic is seeking. For one thing, True Value stores operate in many rural areas where office product superstores and other retailers carrying items such as sit/stand desks are scarce. In that case, True Value is an opportunity to address underserved consumers.