Euro-Pro Suit Against Dyson Cites Advertising Claims

Euro-Pro, maker of the Shark vacuum product line, has filed a lawsuit in United States District Court in Massachusetts against Dyson Inc. over an advertising claim made by that company, which consisted of the assertion that its model DC 65 Animal vacuum has “Twice the Suction” of its competitors. According to Euro-Pro, testing by a third-party laboratory demonstrated that suction of the Shark Powered Lift-Away Upright exceeds the Dyson DC65 and DC41.

Dyson began a multi-million dollar advertising campaign using the twice the suction claim in late 2013, Euro-Pro asserted, just as the Shark was taking the number one market share spot in the vacuum category. Dyson has continued to use the slogan on its website, packaging and promotional materials, even after introduction of the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away, Euro-Pro asserted. The company stated that it first notified Dyson in May 2014 that the impending launch of the Shark Powered Lift-Away would render its advertising false and misleading and, in July, contacted its competitor with the Shark Powered Lift-Away test results.

Contacted, a Dyson spokesperson said the company had no comment on the Euro-Pro suit at the current time.